The Prize List: PAX 2018 Event Edition! / by Matt Winberry

The following is an evolving list of the prizes we are giving away on August 31st! We'll be adding to this up until the event, so check back often to see what's new. We are literally receiving boxes from our sponsor donors every day! Be sure to check our sponsors page often, too, as sometimes, even though they've committed, we don't know what they're sending us (it's like Christmas when we get them)!

Also, we're more than excited to have a few new names joining us! We welcome them and can't wait to see what they send us. 

Don't have tickets yet? If you like games and helping kids to boot, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Here's the Prize List!

Platinum Sponsors

Calliope Games
12 Days (x6)
Ancestree (x6)
Capital City (x6)
Dicey Peaks (x6)
Double Double Dominoes (x6)
Hive Mind (x6)
Menu Masters (x6)
Roll For It! Deluxe Edition (x6)
Roll For It! Purple (x6)
Roll For It! Red (x6)
Running With the Bulls (x6)
Shutterbug (x6)
Thieves! (x6)
Tsuro (x6)
Tsuro of the Seas (x6)
Ugh! (x6)
Wordoku (x6)

Cheapass Games
BRAWL: Bennett (x33)
BRAWL: Chris (x33)
BRAWL: Darwin (x34)
BRAWL: Hale (x34)
BRAWL: Morgan (x33)
BRAWL: Pearl (x33)
Button Men (x2)
Kill Doctor Lucky (x3)
The Island of Doctor Lucky (x3)
Tak Cloth Board (x30)
Tak Tavern Set (x30)
Tak University Set (x3)
Unexploded Cow (x2)

Gold Sponsors

Art's Ideas / Jenga Giant
Jenga Giant JS7 (x2)
Jenga Premium Hardwood Game (x4)
Jenga Ocean Game (x6)
Jenga Throw 'N Go Hardwood Game (x6)

Crafty Games
Mistborn: House War plus promo pack (x8)

Daily Magic Games
10 Minute Heist: Wizard's Tower
Go Nuts for Donuts! (x6)
Merchants of Araby
Quests of Valeria (x12)
Villages of Valeria (x12)

Fantasy Flight Games & Asmodee
Game of Thrones Catan
Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game
The Labyrinths of Lunacy: Arkham Horror Card Game
Majesty for the Realm
Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
Pandemic Legacy Season 2
Star Wars: Legion
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

Bunny Kingdom (x2)
Decrypto (x3)
King of Tokyo (x3)
Mountains of Madness
Nesoos (x2)
Raids (x4)

Japanime Games
Heart of Crown (x6)
Tanto Cuore (x6)

Lone Shark Games
Apocrypha (x4)
Maze of Games / Theseus Guide (x8)
The Ninth World (x3)
Thornwatch (x3)

WizKids/NECA (Courtesy of Mike Elliott)
DC Dice Masters: Batman Factory Set
DC Dice Masters: Justice League Factory Set
DC Dice Masters: War of Light Factory Set
Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War Factory Set
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters

Silver Sponsors

Grey Fox Games
7 Ronin (x2)
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong + Undercover Allies (x2)
Multiversium (x2)
Order of the Gilded Compass (x2)
SUPERHOT: The Card Game (x2)

North Star Games
Evolution (x6)

Slugfest Games
Red Dragon Inn: The Battle for Greyport (x2)
Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains (x2)
Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew (x2)

Steve Jackson Games
Conspiracy Theory
Dungeon Fantasy Box Set
Mars Attacks Dice Game
Munchkin Apocalypse Edition
Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (x3)
Munchkin Loot Letter (x9)
Munchkin Messenger Bag
Munchkin Sketch Edition
Ogre 6th Edition

Stronghold Games
Animals On Board
Bear Valley
Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom (x2)
Five Cucumbers
Get the Cheese
Little Devils (x2)
Pit Crew
Stellar Conflict

Clue: Game of Thrones
Deadpool vs. the World
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Marvel Codenames

Dice Tray

Bronze Sponsors

Thunderstone Quest

Brotherwise Games
Boss Monster + Tools of Hero Kind + Implements of Destruction (x2)

Fireside Games
Dead Panic
The Village Crone

Tiny Epic Western

Indie Boards & Cards
Aeon's End: War Eternal
Coup / The Resistance (x2)
Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Thing 12 Games
Click Click Boom (x2)
Dice of Crowns (x2)

Top Shelf Fun
Blue Meepillow
Green Meepillow
Orange Meepillow
Red Meepillow
Game Haul Bag