A comic book story of your own making? Thank you, Lone Shark Games! / by Norma Gallien

Two weeks until we play board games on the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower, all for a great cause! We have some incredible guests of honor lined up, be on the lookout for an official blurb on them (that's a funny word, "blurb") in our next post. Although some of you may have seen this teaser posted on our Facebook page regarding one of our guests, with kitty in a Tax box. 

Well, the cat's out of the bag (or should that be "out of the box")! A quick peek at our updated event page and you will see what we mean. ;)

Well, the cat's out of the bag (or should that be "out of the box")! A quick peek at our updated event page and you will see what we mean. ;)

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The raffle prize list and our sponsors page are being updated daily because we are regularly receiving items they've sent us - it feels like Christmas when they arrive! Except these gifts are going to be going home with you! For now, rest assured that kitty is guarding them all, ensuring their safety.

Our friends at Lone Shark Games have out-done themselves with a generous donation of several copies of their newest games: Thornwatch and The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera.


Inside a comic book story
of your own making

Deep in the Eyrewood, dark creatures would spread their corruption to the people of the forest. Thankfully, the citizens are protected by the Thornwatch, stalwart spirits who come to help when a bramble knot is tied in a birch tree.

This gorgeous game immerses players into a comic book world, where monsters roam and the Ebb corrupts all. Through the game’s unique modular storytelling structure, players get the experience of an RPG in a board game.

A graphic novel adventure game that bridges the gap
between board games and RPGs

One player takes on the role of the Judge, a powerful guardian spirit that rules over a domain of the Eyrewood.  Each player has a deck of cards with which to seize the momentum and drive the corruption from the forest. These decks of cards give skills and actions, as do playmats and trait cards to show their unique outlook on the world, and custom dice hero dice to manifesting these traits. The game takes place on one of many maps that display forests, swamps, and villages of the Eyrewood.

The pawns lay flat, as if the heroes, enemies, and denizens of the forest are characters in a set of comic book panels. The core engine is the momentum system. 

This system tracks turn order and monster health, encourages teamwork, and creates dynamic combat with priorities that change turn-by-turn and round-by-round. Thornwatch is created by the designers at Penny Arcade and Lone Shark Games and is the first of three interlocking games in the Eyrewood Adventures line.


A billion years into the future

The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera is an epic game of exploration and skill, you’ll adventure and explore the
Ninth World in search of strange creatures and cryptic artifacts. Gameplay is an innovative blending of technology tree advancement, bidding, and deck building.

Based on the incredibly popular roleplaying game from Monte Cook Games, players take on the roles of clever Jacks, stalwart Glaives, and powerful Nanos to explore the mind-bending world of Numenera in competitive, cooperative, and solo games.

One part deckbuilder, one part Eurogame, and one part RPG, that can be played competitively, cooperatively, or solo.



In competitive mode, gameplay is simultaneous and every action is rewarded with victory points. Each round, characters simultaneously explore regions, choose how much time to spend performing actions with their five skills — scouting, tinkering with cyphers and oddities, charming allies, combating, and focusing on skill advancement — and then bid against the other heroes for the choicest cards. 

You can also adventure in the relative safety of town, or head out to the unpredictable wilderness. 

In co-op mode, you can work together to defeat the creatures and garner the relics, but there's a catch: the wilderness is trying to kill your town. It is the same in solo mode, except no one is there to help you.

You can see it all in action in this how to play video with two of the designers, Paul Peterson and Mike Selinker, both of whom will be in attendance at the event!