Spread the Word about the Event, Win a Prize! / by Norma Gallien


It's back, our ever popular Invite/Share/Tweet Thread! For every event we put on this promotion by asking you to do some promoting for *us.* Help us boost the signal and you could win some loot from our gaming prize pool. To enter, look for the pinned post on our Facebook Event Page. It'll ask you to invite/share/tweet our event and let us know what you did. That's it!

Now, these have been our tried and true social routes the past couple of years, but if you're interested in signal boosting for us in other ways, just let us know! Ask us for some event flyers that you can hand out (at your next game night, at work, etc), post on reddit, on BoardGameGeek, so forth, the sky's the limit! Just let us know what you did and we can count them as more entries. 

We'll select one (or possibly more) winner(s) at random and they'll have already won a game before they even walk into the event!

Thank you! You're awesome!