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FTW Events and Calliope Games invite you to the Pre-Pax Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza benefiting The Imagine Guild at Children's Hospital!

  • When: Thursday, September 1st, 6:00 PM - 1:00 AM
  • Where: Seattle's Columbia Tower Club, 701 5th Avenue, 76th Floor. This is 8 blocks from the Washington State Convention Center. It's an easy walk or a $5 Uber/Lyft ride from there.
  • Why: Because you love to game. Because you love helping a good cause, and every cent of proceeds goes directly to Seattle Children's Hospital. Because the top of the Columbia Tower is the tallest publicly accessible point west of the Mississippi River. Because you can win games! Because you took Friday off anyway, right?

It's PAX week! Start it off in the best way possible this Thursday night by playing tabletop games from 900 feet above the city while supporting a great cause, Seattle Children's Hospital. You get a swanky meal, you get to rub elbows with game designers, and you get to play all your favorite games! General Admission tickets are $84, a portion of which is tax deductible. GA tickets include a delicious buffet dinner and all the games you can play! VIP tickets start at $199. VIP dinner starts at 5:00 so as to not cut into your gaming time, and will include a plated, 3-course meal. Also included in the VIP package is a SWAG bag, a $25 gift certificate to our pop-up store (certain conditions apply; please see the bottom of the page), 2 drink tickets and a private gaming area.

More Details:

  • We will have game designers present playing the games they've created. Anyone will be able to walk up and play games with them. Attendees include, but will not be limited to: James Ernest of Cheapass Gamess (the designer of the new game TAK based on Patrick Rothfuss's "Name of the Wind" series), Paul Peterson (Smash-up) and later on, Mike Selinker (Pathfinder: ACG, Betrayal at House on the HIll, Apocrypha). We will also have life-sized versions of TAK and Tsuro available for you to play.
  • We have thousands of dollars of prizes (games!) that you can win! These were all donated by generous companies in the gaming community.
  • If you come by yourself, we will help you to find other gamers to play with.
  • We will have a lending library, but if you have a favorite game, please feel free to bring it!
  • If there are games you want to purchase, we will have a pop-up store for you to purchase games at. Your admission ticket comes with 2 $10 off vouchers that you can use at our pop-up store manned and stocked by Card Kingdom. VIP guests can combine one of these with their $25 gift certificate to get up to $35 off of any one game! There's a bit of fine print with these. See the bottom of this page for details.
  • We will not over-sell the event, meaning that everyone will be able to find a seat and play games.
  • COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED! This is PAX Weekend. Wear your costume! We will have prizes for the best cosplay.
  • Parking is available at the Columbia Tower for $9, with the caveat that you will be charged the $9 plus an entire extra day if your car is in the garage past midnight. Parking is free on the street after 8:00 PM, so please plan accordingly.

As this is a not-for-profit charity event, all proceeds above the cost of putting on the event will be donated to The Imagine Guild, in support of Children's Hospital. If you want to talk motorcycling for charity, these are the folks to chat up. The Mission Statement of the Imagine Guild: Bringing together the motorcycle community in support of Children’s Hospital and their mission to eliminate childhood illness and injury.

Game coupon fine print: One voucher per game purchased. Game vouchers cannot be used to reduce the price of any one game below $20. Example: A game costing $35 normally will be reduced to $25. A game costing $30 will be reduced to $20. A game costing $25 will be reduced only to $20. Vouchers will have no effect on games costing $20 or less.

VIP gift certificate fine print: No change will be given for purchases totaling less than $25. VIP gift certificates may be combined with 1 of your $10 vouchers to get up to $35 off of any one game, but again, no change will be given for games costing less than $35.

Disclaimer: This event is under new leadership and is not associated or connected with "Nerd Night Out".