Please Welcome Patrick Rothfuss and Gaby Weidling / by Norma Gallien


We like to think of ourselves as calm professional adults here on the FTW Events team but when we confirmed this, we aren't ashamed to say we flipped our geeky little hearts out. Here are the incredible guests of honor that you'll meet at a Night of Gaming for Good on Top of the World!

Be sure to welcome legendary epic fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss and puzzlemaster game designer Gaby Weidling. They'll be dining with our VIPs in the private VIP dining rooms and then later playing games in the main rooms.

Word to the wise, we currently only have a handful of VIP tickets left! If you'd like to pick through the brains of Gaby and Pat and pick your entree choice from the exclusive VIP menu (and enjoy a whole host of other VIP perks), be sure to act fast and claim those last few tickets!

Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick  is a magnificent wordsmith known for his epic fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicle. His first novel, The Name of the Wind, won the Quill Award and was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. Its sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear, debuted at #1 on The New York Times bestseller chart. It was in The Wise Man's Fear that the abstract strategy game Tak made its first appearance. Through a collaboration with designer James Ernest and Cheapass Games, a real version of Tak was developed and released to great acclaim. 

The first expansion of the upcoming Call to Adventure, from Brotherwise Games, will also be set in the world of The Name of the Wind.

Pat has also guest role-played in Acquisitions Inc., Penny Arcade's live Dungeons & Dragons games, in Geek and Sundry's show Critical Role, and had a guest appearance on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop. He lives in Wisconsin, where he brews mead, builds box forts with his children, and runs Worldbuilders, a book-centered charity that has raised more than seven million dollars for Heifer International.



Gaby "Gabberwocky" Weidling

Gaby is a game, puzzle, and experience designer who loves a gouda cheese pun. She got her start at Lone Shark Gamesworking on games like Apocrypha, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk, and puzzley nonsense like the Dragon Egg Hunt for BioWare, the Gen Con Puzzle Hunt, and The Maze of Games amongst other things. She also had a brief stint at Epic Team Adventures, an escape room company in Belltown. 

She still helps out at Lone Shark Games, most recently as the developer of the new edition of Puzzlecraft. Now Gaby’s working on getting her own company, Owl and Bumbershoot, off the ground. She is powered by cats, coffee, and cussin’.