The Prize List: ECCC 2018 Event Edition! / by Matt Winberry

The Prize Table from our PAX event in 2017

The following is an evolving list of the prizes we are giving away on March 2nd! We'll be adding to this up until the event, so check back often to see what's new. We are literally receiving boxes from our sponsor donors every day! Be sure to check our sponsors page often, too, as sometimes, even though they've committed, we don't know what they're sending us (it's like Christmas when we get them)!

Also, we're more than excited to have a few new names joining us! We welcome them and can't wait to see what they send us. 

Don't have tickets yet? If you like games and helping kids to boot, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Here's the Prize List!

Platinum Sponsors

Calliope Games
12 Days (x4)
Ancestree (x4)
Capital City (x4)
Dicey Peaks (x4)
Double Double Dominoes (x4)
Hive Mind (x4)
Menu Masters (x4)
Roll For It! Deluxe Edition (x4)
Roll For It! Purple (x4)
Roll For It! Red (x4)
Running With the Bulls (x4)
Shutterbug (x4)
Thieves! (x4)
Tsuro (x4)
Tsuro of the Seas + Veterans of the Seas Expansion (each x4)
Ugh! (x4)
Wordoku (x4)

Czech Games Edition
Alchemists & The King's Golem
Codenames: Duet (x2)
Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary
Pulsar 2849
Tash-Kalar (x30)
That's a Question! (x32)

Gold Sponsors

Art's Ideas / Jenga Giant
Jenga Giant JS7 (x2)
Jenga Premium Hardwood Game (x4)
Jenga Ocean Game (x6)
Jenga Throw 'N Go Hardwood Game (x6)

Cheapass Games
Brawl Complete Set: Bennett, Chris, Darwin, Hale, Morgan, Pearl
Button Men (x2)
Deluxe Pairs (x3)
Doctor Lucky's Mansion that is Haunted
Get Lucky
Give Me the Brain

Kill Doctor Lucky
Lord of the Fries
Secret Lair of Doctor Lucky
Stuff & Nonsense
Tak: University Edition (x2)
Unexploded Cow

Iello Games
Bunny Kingdom (x2)
Decrypto (x4)
King of Tokyo (x4)
Mountains of Madness (x2)
Tem-Purr-A (x3)
Welcome to the Dungeon (x3)

Japanime Games
Heart of Crown + Playmat (x18)

Lone Shark Games
Apocrypha Adventure Card Game: World Base Set (x4)
Maze of Games (x4)

Clue: The Legend of Zelda Edition
Code Names Marvel
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Gear Up and Rock Out!
Lift It! Deluxe
Monopoly: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Edition
Munchkin Marvel
Nefarious & Becoming a Monster (x2 each)
Rollers Deluxe
Star Trek Panic (x3)
Super Mario Level Up!
Yahtzee: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Edition

Silver Sponsors

Ankama Games
Kingdom Run (x3)
Stellium (x2)

Brain Games
Ice Cool (x6)

Slugfest Games
Red Dragon Inn 2
Red Dragon Inn 3
Red Dragon Inn 4
Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains

Smirk & Dagger
Cutthroat Caverns
Dead Hand Chaos Poker (x30)
Paramedics Clear

Steve Jackson Games
Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game
Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe
Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors
Munchkin 4: The Need for Steed
Munchkin GLOOM
Munchkin Monster Box
Munchkin Nightmare Before Christmas
Zombie Dice

Stronghold Games
Animals On Board
Bear Valley
Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom (x2)
Five Cucumbers
Get The Cheese
Little Devils (x2)
Pit Crew
Stellar Conflict

Bronze Sponsors

Blue Heron Games
Affectionate: Cats & Cuddles

Fireside Games
Castle Panic!

Passport Game Studios
CV Pocket

Top Shelf Fun
Red Meepillow
Orange Meepillow
Green Meepillow
Blue Meepillow
Purple Meepillow

Other Miscellaneous Donations

Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis Grand Tour Edition (x2, donated by Liz Spain)
The Mazing Game (x2, donated by designer Clint Amstrup)