The Party's Just Getting Started: Featuring Gambling, Brawling, and Drinking! / by Norma Gallien

We’re excited to have SlugFest Games joining us once again! At our Night of Board Gaming for Good on Top of the World, you can gamble, brawl and drink the night away as you prove you have what it takes to keep up with the heroes. 

Join the Party! 

SlugFest Games has donated their awesome games time and time again to our events, and so, you can look forward to seeing their Red Dragon Inn series yet again gracing our prize tables in all their inebriated glory!  In Red Dragon Inn, all the heroes have (finally) turned in for the night, so it’s time to kick back with a mug of ale, a fist of dice and pouches lined with adventurers’ gold!


SlugFest will undoubtedly be bringing choice copies of this beloved lighthearted and fast-paced card game, but they also wanted us to let you know of their upcoming Red Dragon Inn 7!

The Wench joins the party and she’s bringing the rest of the tavern crew with her. The Red Dragon Inn 7 is a new standalone expansion to the series. In this game, you and up to three of your friends will play as the staff of our beloved tavern, enjoying the night after all the adventuring patrons have passed out in their rooms (or stables). 

Last Chance to be a Slack Backer!

The Kickstarter has ended for Red Dragon Inn 7 but during this “Slack Backer” period you can get the exact same rewards made available during the campaign on Kickstarter. This is your last opportunity to get  exclusive perks, so be sure to check it out

We can't wait to out-drink you on March 2nd
In the game, of course. Mostly.