Scaling Back and Scaling Up! / by Matt Winberry

Announcing the anxiously awaited launch of this year's Pre-PAX board game extravaganza atop Seattle's Columbia Tower!

No doubt about it--2016 was a tough year for us. We faced a lot of internal adversity, and while we're eyeing 2017 as our year to come back with a vengeance, we want to keep the momentum going on this great event in 2016! Therefore, the theme this year is one of "Scaling Back and Scaling Up". We're not reserving as much room atop the tower this year, but the amenities in the space we have are going to be a step up. Since there's less space, the base ticket will be $20 more expensive than last year, but the dinner offering will be greatly expanded. You will not be going hungry!

Many, many more details are still to come, but by now, you know the drill. However, much like a Kickstarter, we need to raise enough cash in the first two weeks to insure that this event will happen! Therefore, we're putting the first 50 tickets on sale for a reduced rate. We MUST SELL THEM by August 10th, or we may have to pull the plug (and issue full, 100% refunds to anyone who already has tickets). Therefore, if you KNOW you're coming, please get your tickets now!

Also, FTW Events is now officially a 501(c)3 charitable organization! Any and all monetary donations (for raffles, silent auctions, or just donations in general) are 100% tax deductible. Also, a portion of your admission is tax deductible. We will figure out the total amount and have tax receipts available at the event.

Much, much more to come soon!