Parking/Transportation for and getting to the Top of the World! / by Matt Winberry

For those of you driving on Thursday night: If you KNOW you'll be out before midnight, park at the Columbia Tower garage. The entrance is between 5th and 4th on Columbia Street. It's $9 as long as you're in by no earlier than 5:00 and out by no later than midnight. If you stay past midnight, though, you'll be charged the $9 plus the regular rate, which would get as high as an ADDITIONAL $21 if you stay until 2 AM.

If you plan on staying later than midnight and a cab/Uber/Lyft/bus isn't an option, park on the street. It's $4/hour until 8:00, so if you arrive close to 7:00, you would only pay between $4 and $5 for the whole evening. If you do park on the street and aren't going to feel comfortable walking back to your car late at night, see me or any one of the event hosts and we'll arrange something for you (either walking you back to your car or just giving you a ride to your car at the end of the night).

For those of you busing it, the closest bus tunnel station is Pioneer Square station. It's only 2 blocks away from the 5th avenue entrance to the Columbia Tower, but keep in mind that it's up a steep hill.

ONCE YOU ARRIVE: Come in to the building via the 5th Avenue lobby. There will be a club concierge near the elevators that will let you up. The elevator will take you to the 40th floor where you will check in. You don't need your printed ticket, but it will speed things up if you have it. Once checked in, you'll head up a second bank of elevators to 75. Once there, you'll be directed to 76 by the Club's concierge.

See everyone Thursday night!!