The Prize List: PAX 2019 Edition / by Matt Winberry

The following is an ever-evolving list of the prizes we are giving away on August 30th! We'll be adding to this up until the event, so check back often to see what's new. We are literally receiving boxes from our sponsor donors every day! Be sure to check our sponsors page often, too, as sometimes, even though they've committed, we don't know what they're sending us (it's like Christmas when we get them)!

Also, we're more than excited to have a few new names joining us! We welcome them and can't wait to see what they send us. 

Don't have tickets yet? If you like games and helping kids to boot, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Here's the Prize List!

Platinum Sponsors

Check out this year’s donation from Calliope Games!

Check out this year’s donation from Calliope Games!

Calliope Games
12 Days (x6)
Ancestree (x6)
Capital City (x6)
Dicey Peaks (x6)
Double Double Dominoes (x6)
Everyone Loves a Parade (x6)
Hive Mind (x6)
The Mansky Caper (x6)
Menu Masters (x6)
Roll For It! Deluxe Edition (x6)
Roll For It! Purple (x6)
Roll For It! Red (x6)
Running With the Bulls (x6)
ShipShape (x6)
Shutterbug (x6)
Spymaster (x6)
Thieves! (x6)
Tsuro (x6)
Tsuro of the Seas (x6)
Wordoku (x6)

Gold Sponsors

Art's Ideas / Jenga Giant
Jenga Giant (x6)

Daily Magic Games
Crabs (x7)
Food Truck Champion (x6)
Go Nuts for Donuts
Merchants of Araby
Sailing Toward Osiris
Songbirds (x6)
Thieves Den + Fortune Favors the Bold
VCK Flames + Frost Dice (x30)
Villages of Valeria + Landmarks & Architects

Iello Games
8 bit box (x2)
Biblios (x2)
Bunny Kingdom (x2)
Fairy Tile (x2)
Kanagawa (x2)
King of Tokyo (x2)
King of Tokyo Monster Pack 3: Anubis (x3)
Legend of the Cherry Tree (x2)
Zombie Kidz Evolution (x2)

Mox Boarding House

Ravensburger Games
Disney Villainous: The Worst Takes It All
Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core (x2)
Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared
King Me!
Push! (x15)

Renegade Games
Altiplano + Altiplano: The Traveler
Ex Libris
Passing Through Petra

Slugfest Games
Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains (x2)
Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew (x2)
Red Dragon Inn Battle for Grayport (x2)
+ Ohava vs. Murgath Expansion (x2)
+ Pirates Expansion (x2)
Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox (x2)

Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG)
Chimera Station: Deluxe Edition (x4)
Downfall Deluxified
Flow of History - Deluxe Game (x4)

Silver Sponsors

House of Danger
Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth
One Key
Naga Raja
Pandemic Rapid Response
Starship Samurai

Bezier Games
New York Slice
One Night Ultimate Alien
One Night Ultimate Vampire
One Night Ultimate Super Villains
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak
Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe
Werewords Deluxe

Czech Games Edition

Grey Fox Games
Bushido + Rising Rage Expansion
City of Gears
Gem Hens
Run, Fight or Die: Reloaded + 5-6 Player Expansion

Greater Than Games
Brew Crafters
The Island of Doctor Lucky
Kill Doctor Lucky
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Spirit Island

Lone Shark Games
Apocrypha Bundle: The World, The Flesh, The Devil
Maze of Games Bundle: The Maze of Games, Keymaster’s Tome and Theseus Guide
The Ninth World
Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle
Thornwatch + Dark of the Wood

North Star Games
Evolution Digital Steam Keys (x30)
Evolution: Climate Stand-Alone

Bronze Sponsors

Brotherwise Games
Boss Monster Prize Pack:
Boss Monster, Rise of the Mini-Bosses, Implements of Destruction, Crash Landing, Tools of Hero Kind

Indie Boards & Cards
Aeon’s End: Legacy
Among Thieves
Conflicting Legends
Finger Guns at High Noon

Monocle Society

Orange Nebula

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set
Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Starfinder Beginner Box

Sphere Games
Mini DiverCity