Our Next Night of Gaming for Good on Top of the World: Pi and Play! / by Norma Gallien


It's happening! Seattle recently experienced Snowmaggedon, receiving unprecedented amounts of the fluffy stuff, but we’ve managed to burrow our way out and launch our next event! On March 14, 2019, dice will be thrown, cards shuffled and dealt, and maybe a meeple or two will be mishandled at our Night of Board Gaming for Good on Top of the World.

Coincidentally, it will also Pi Day! 🥧 How appropriately geeky.

Early bird tickets are available but you'll want to get them soon because they never last long. 

We’ve hit the blindingly busy ramp-up to the event where we’re working on so much behind the scenes: we’ll keep you posted on raffle prizes, sponsors, and who our mystery VIP guests will be in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!