Boost the Signal, Win a Prize! / by Norma Gallien

It's our popular Invite/Share/Tweet Thread!

We do this before every event we put on: help us boost the signal on Facebook and you could win some loot from our gaming prizes pool! 

Invite/share/tweet our event and let us know what you did by replying to the thread on Facebook. One entry per social media channel, up to a maximum of 3. Here's what to do:

1) Invite at least 10 gamer friends who will be in Seattle during PAX weekend to this Facebook event. If you invite significantly more than 10, let us know and we may just throw an extra entry (or three) into the pot for you.

2) Share the event on Facebook and/or post to your Facebook page with somewhere in the post (it should automatically pick up the correct picture if you do this).

3) Tweet that you're going to the event, making sure to include and/or @ftweventssea (our twitter handle) somewhere in the Tweet.

That's it! Good luck. Winner(s) to be announced on the night of the event. The more people who participate, the more stuff will be diverted to this prize pool. Also, if you have other preferred ways of spreading the word (Instagram? etc.) let us know and we'll give you credit.