Celebrating Women in the Tabletop Gaming Industry / by Matt Winberry

For our upcoming event, we are celebrating women in board gaming! Our guests of honor are 3 fantastic ladies who are making their mark in the gaming community. Join them and other VIPs in the private VIP rooms for dinner, or meet them later in the evening in the main room where they’ll be hanging out and playing their games with you.

It's all happening the evening of Friday, March 3rd, on the top floor of Seattle's iconic Columbia Tower. Whichever ticket type you choose, be sure to get yours now before the price increases, or worse - sells out! Remember, proceeds from the event will go towards helping kids at Seattle Children's Hospital, so we hope you can join us!

Stay tuned for more announcements about honored guests, games, and other information! It’s going to be an amazing night.

Our Guests of Honor

Liz Spain
Lone Shark Games
Game Designer

Liz Spain designs games and specializes in weaving rich themes into the whole game experience. Beginning in 2009, she has worked in a number of roles for game companies such as Harebrained Schemes, Flying Frog Productions, and Aesterlight Studios. She has designed and organized live-action and escape room games across the United States and Canada. Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis, a steampunk exploration game, was her first solo board game design project. Liz was also the lead designer on the Widow’s Walk expansion to the ever popular title Betrayal at House on the Hill. Today, Liz is the Card Shark, designing the card mechanics for games such as the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Apocrypha. She can be found on twitter at @voodoobunnyliz.

Brittanie Boe

The following image and text were taken directly from this article on Geek & Sundry’s Website, February 6th, 2017:

She’s known most prominently in the world of tabletop as the unstoppable Bebo, editor of TheGameWire.Com, host of the GameWire YouTube channel, and handles the social media for the brand. The GW brand is the marketing arm of GTS Distribution, of which Bebo is the face. Helping people learn about new and exciting games (as well as fun classics) is her job, and one she relishes.


Here’s a video of Brittanie and her adorable daughter Hailey describing the game Dream Home.




Alli Medwin
Wizards of the Coast
Game Designer and Editor for Magic Online

Alli Medwin claims to be an octopus in a person suit, but is in reality a game designer and editor at Wizards of the Coast, working primarily on Magic Online. Before coming to Wizards in 2013, she was a professional student, Magic tournament judge, military curriculum developer, LGBT activist, and role-playing game writer. She enjoys arguing on the Internet, video games, watching brain-rot levels of TV in the gym, and annoying her girlfriend by not sharing her ice cream enough. Reports that she's a strange visitor from another planet are as of yet unconfirmed.

Finally, Alli has informed us that she will be appearing in a Supergirl costume. None of us had "Guest of Honor showing up in Cosplay" in the office pool, but yay!