Clearing things up: Exactly who is hosting this event? / by Matt Winberry

There has been some confusion as to exactly who is hosting this event, so here's what's up. FTW Events, a fully incorporated federal 501(c)3 charity organization in good standing, is the offshoot of Dawgsled Events, the organization that hosted the original TableTop Day on Top of the World event back in 2013. This event coincided with the original TableTop Day, put together by the Los Angeles-based company Geek & Sundry, in March of that year. After this first event, we teamed up with another group of people, and we co-hosted the first Pre-PAX event, the second TableTop Day event and the second Pre-PAX event. After that, we parted ways, with FTW Events (still Dawgsled Events at the time) hosting the 3rd TableTop Day event and, most recently, as FTW Events, the Top of the World Board Game extravaganza on ECCC weekend this past April. The other organization was the sole host of last year's Pre-PAX event, but they opted not to host an event at the Columbia Tower this year. FTW Events has stepped in and taken over this event and will own it moving forward.