Soon we will be updating this page to showcase our incoming sponsors for our
Night of Gaming for Good on Top of the World, PAX Edition, happening August 30, 2019.
For now, show some love to our sponsors of the past, many of whom we hope will be returning to join the cause.

Comic Con Edition 2019 Sponsors

These are the amazing companies we’ve partnered with for our Night of Gaming for Good on Top of the World, Comic Con Edition. It is their generous donations of games and geeky items that you will be taking home from the raffle! Show them some love, because without them, we couldn’t do what we do!

Keep checking in often, as we're updating this page daily. The last two weeks before the event are always a flurry of new and incoming donations! 

PLATINUM sponsors

Time and time again, Calliope Games has gone above and beyond to support FTW Events! We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them! We are also so very excited to have Cheapass Games' generous support! 


GOLD Sponsors

Our Gold sponsors always send us an amazing boatload of stuff!! We have to take multiple trips up to the tower to bring them all up - and we love it! It's thanks to these fine companies that our raffles consistently raise incredible amounts for the Seattle Children's Hospital. Thank you for supporting us!


SILVER Sponsors

Silver sponsors help round out that amazing prize pool that our raffle draws from! With every event we do, we have a robust variety of games thanks to these fine folks! Thank you for supporting us! NOTE: Sponsors who pledge a donation to us don't always tell us exactly what they're sending. In these cases, we list them as Silver until their shipment comes in. As the prizes do roll in, we will update this page to accurately reflect the true donation level of these sponsors.


BRONZE Sponsors

Finally, we couldn't do what we do without our Bronze Sponsors who contribute awesome and sometimes incredibly unique products! Thank you for supporting us!